Ayurvedic Massage in Jaipur

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Ayurveda and Body Massage or Spa are two such magical words, that when combined together they provide an ultimate rejuvenating feeling. In the last few years, ancient Ayurvedic medicines, foods have once again become popular amongst the mainstream brands. Ayurveda is all about promoting healthy living and holistic well being. it means “knowledge of life”. It is all about creating a perfect synergy between body, mind and soul. There are numerous benefits of Ayurveda that been proven time and again. Ayurvedic spa treatment and Ayurvedic massage therapies are so popular in Kerala India and globally as they are known to not only provide complete relaxation and rejuvenation of body and soul but also promote mental and physical wellness. Applying Ayurvedic practices in spa and massages helps in detoxification of body, mind and soul. It is said that Ayurvedic massage is most beneficial when it is combined with a healthy lifestyle to boost vitality.

How Beneficial is Ayurvedic Spa Treatment?

One of the main ingredients used in Ayurvedic Spa or Massage Treatment by Ayurvedic massage is the use of herbal oils. Aromatic and medicated or herb infused oils help in overcome stress, strengthening deep tissues and muscles and provide overall nourishment to one’s body. The massage therapy helps in providing relaxation, normalising sleep and promoting good health. The herbs used in the oils are said to be have scientific properties and help in detoxification and rejuvenating the body. Ayurvedic massage therapies penetrate deep in to the skin tissues and cells and provide healing effects. It is beneficial for the nervous system, immune system too. It also promotes healthy skin, increases stamina, deep relaxation, easing constipation, aiding digestion and increases body awareness.

The herbs used in the massage oils are known for containing a mixture of carefully chosen herbs that have properties to strengthen the physical aspects of the body as well as provide relaxation ti the mind with their aromatic fragrance.

The massage techniques in Ayurvedic spa treatment includes kneading, tapping, traditional massage strokes etc. The style and the flow of the treatment depends largely on body needs of the person for maintaining the right balance and promoting well being.

What to expect during a Ayurvedic Spa Treatment?

An Ayurvedic Massage therapy session generally begins with a consultation in which the therapist asks you question related to your health and lifestyle prior to the treatment. This session is conduced to know more about your expectations and identify how Ayurvedic spa or massage treatment can benefit you. The session lasts around 15-20 minutes.

This session is then followed by a tailor made Ayurvedic massage treatment that is designed and conducted based on your requirements. This session can last from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Based on your comfort level, the therapist will apply oil on parts of your body. The oil is pre-heated and applied directly to the skin.

After the massage is done, the patient can relax for 10-15 minutes allowing the oil to penetrates deep into the skin tissues. During this time, one can read a book or magazine or simply rest. The treatment is usually done in the morning. It is then followed with a relaxing bath or shower. Depending on your schedule , it is advised to undergo this kind of massage once or twice a week to reap greater benefits.

There are many well known Ayurvedic body massage centre in jaipur that offers Ayurvedic spa treatment and Ayurvedic massage therapies. Most of these places have Ayurvedic body massage session conducted by females only so that a female patient feels comfortable.

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