Deep Tissue & Thai Body Massage

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Getting a Body Massage is considered as one of the most relaxing and mentally stimulating technique for bringing calm and relaxation to one’s body. After a hectic long week at work, all one needs a blissful weekend to relax one’s mind, body and soul. And what better way than a calming session of Balinese Massage to pamper yourself. The city of jaipur has various balinese and thai massage centres to revitalise your body, mind and soul. A good massage helps in relaxation and provides better circulation of blood and oxygen in the body. Getting a good and soothing body massage helps in relieving all kinds of body stress and tiredness.

What is a Balinese Massage?

Balinese Massage is a full body, deep tissue massage that provides holistic well being to the patient’s body. It is a traditional form of massage developed mainly in Bali, an Indonesian province. The approach of this massage is influenced by traditional medicinal methods. It uses a combination of techniques such as acupressure, flicking, skin rolling, percussion, stroking etc to provide relaxation to one’s body. Various aromatic and medicated oils are also used to stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen which in turn provide relaxation to the patient’s body. Aromatherapy forms a very crucial part of Balinese Massage since the use of aromatic massage is very therapeutic in nature. In this massage, a therapist usually works on deep tissues and muscles to relieve tension and improve blood and oxygen circulation in the muscles. Typically, a session lasts for about an hour. There are some really popular and state of the art balinese massage centres that have good reviews from patients and known for providing holistic well being to their customers. Some of the different types of this massage are sasak, lombok, brat, javanese lulu ritual to name a few.

What is a Thai Body Massage?

Similar to Balinese massage technique is Thai body massage. Research says that Thai massage has its trail in India’s ancient Ayurveda and its medicine importance and it is also known as lazy yoga since it has many identifiable similarities with yoga and its technique to body relaxation.Thai Massage also focuses on stimulating the acupressure points. It helps in stretching and loosing of tightened muscles, thereby releasing stress in the joints. The origin of this massage dates back to 2500 years ago. In this massage, the technique of blocking and then releasing the blood flow is applied using sustained pressure for 30 seconds. This is mostly done around the torso area where legs and arms meet. As per research, this is one of the most genuine technique for boosting the circulation of blood thereby promoting internal well being and realignment of energy. There are many reputed and well established thai massage centres that are known for providing the best thai massage by females masseur. There are many benefits of Thai Massage such as relief from constipation, headache relief and relief from back and neck pain. Unwind and Relax with Body Massages

A good massage gives a boost to one’s mood and immune system. So friends, if you are looking to de-stress yourself, the best way is to indulge in the enriching experience of a soothing balinese or thai body massage. Awaken your senses and feel rejuvenated. Calm your senses with the best of the best thai body massage centres and feel alive and fresh. Opt for a deep tissue massage and rejuvenate your mind and body. Take a break from your busy schedule and get a good body massage for the hands of experts in jaipur.

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