Q. What will be happening in my first ever massage?

Ans. It is common that people coming for the first time feel little mystified of what is going to happen in their first massage. Your massage will not be anything different unless you have any medical condition. We will start with soft hands to make you comfortable.

Q. Will I be having massage without my clothes?

Ans. Our approach is always client centred. If you are uncomfortable with complete undressing then there is no compulsion. However, we just need to do it because the massage oils might spoil your cloths. Undressing will give us a good reach to the muscles and joints, ultimately helping you.

Q. Would there be a cover of towel or sheet over my body?

Ans. We always keep towel on our client to make him feel comfortable. The only time we will uncover your body is when we will be doing deep massages.

Q. What I will be doing during the massage?

Ans. You just relax. You do not have to do anything. Your body will be in hands of some very fine experts.

Q. How much time one massage takes?

Ans. Depends on which massage you are having. Sometimes it can end in one hour, sometimes treatments go two three hours long.

Q. Will massage therapy hurt me?

Ans. People have a mentality that massage hurts. The only thing massage gives you is a soothing experience. If anytime you feel any therapy hurting you, just as the therapist and she will immediately make sure that you feel comfortable.

Q. When should I be getting massage?

Ans. Mostly people who take massages keep it twice a month but if you have more work and stress, you can come weekly and even twice a week too for massage.

Q. What if I want a deep massage, shouldn’t I be seeing a male therapist?

Ans. No, our female therapists are well aware of deep massages. We can handle all the needs a male possess during a massage.

Q. Is there a barrier on talking during massage?

Ans. Of course, you can. Massage is to relax you. You are giving your body a comfort. There will be no barriers on what you want to do. You can do whatever you like. Even our therapists will be really friendly while speaking to you.

Q. Will there be any whales and flutes music going on while massage?

Ans. No, there will be not. You will be free to tell whatever you want. Either you want to listen or you don’t. What do you want to listen and what you not.

Q. What will be the feeling after my massage?

Ans. You will be in the best comfort zone of your life. There will no stress, no pain in any part of your body. You will fresh and free mentally as well as physically.

Q. How many times do I have to come?

Ans. We do not specifically tell you to come unless you want treatment of any special body ache. Our clients come as many times as they want because massage just keep you fresh and recharged for every other daily life work.

Q. When I have to avoid massage?

Ans. There are certain situations in which, having massage doesn’t suits you. For example after a major operation. We highly advise you to tell us any medical treatment you have undergone in recent times.

Q. Is there any problem if I get an erection during massage?

Ans. Many of the males feel embarrassed and that is why avoid massage because they get erection while going through it. There is no need to be embarrassed. Many of our clients have this problem but all our proficient female therapists understand this situation.

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