Benefits of Massage Therapy for Arthritis

When one hears the word ‘Massage’, he starts to think about the soft cushions, scented room with oils and aroma, relaxed body and comfort. Messaging therapies are soothing and relaxing for the body, sometimes intense and rough which depend on the type of massage involved. You can say that massage therapy is an umbrella term that covers various practices and healing philosophies. It is a process in which healing techniques are applied on the body with hands as well as with tools.


Arthritis is a common problem in old ages, and suffering from such a disease is painful for one. If you have encountered arthritis symptoms like sore joints or muscle joint pains then, massage therapy can help you a lot. It can relieve the problems of different types of arthritis like: stimulate the motion in joints, promote restful sleeps, relief from anxiety, reduce stiffness and eliminate pain from the body.

Massage relieves the body from pain by moderating the blood pressure and release the arthritis pain from the body. It stimulates the blood receptors that send signals to the brain to reduce pain and excite the secretion of stress reducing neuro-chemical Serotonin. It relaxes the blood flow that decreases the heart rate and result in low blood pressure. One should not take light message therapy if suffering from arthritis as it does not moderates the blood pressure.

People suffering from painful arthritis should take daily message therapies to reduce the problem of stiffness and pain in the legs.

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