5 Steps to a Sexy Massage

Do you want to reconnect with your partner? Then, you must try a delicious appealing massage. Sensual massage motivates the partners to be generous with each other. A sensual body massage involves the body parts but,should not be overtly sexual. Below are the 5 steps to give a totally indulgent massage to your partner:


1.    Perfect space

You should choose a space that provides maximum comfort to your partner. Pallet of blankets or a futon mattress with pillows is just perfect to give intense massage to the person.

2.    Use Oil

Use oil for soft and sensual and warm strokes. The oil penetrates in the skin and releases stress, tension, tiredness and fatigue from the body. You can use scented oil and warm water bottle while giving massage.

3.    Deep sensations

You should give him deep sensation to the person. For sensual touch, you can tie the hair back and sport fitting clothes to minimize interference. You can drape the body with sheets; uncover only that part on which you are working.

4.    Give some time

Massage properly for a long time on one spot. Give royal treatment and let him go to the seventh heaven with your deep massage touch. You can ask him where he wants a deep massage.

5.    Try some moves

You should try different moves while giving the massage. The basic moves of massage are compression, stroking, kneading, friction and strokes. Go slow and then fast. Focus on feelings and let him wanted you more.

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