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Massage has been practiced for a long time and the importance and health benefits of massages can’t be undermined. Now a days there are various types of body massages to choose from. Clients can choose the type of massages they would like to go for as per their preference. Massages basically involve rubbing, pressing, manipulating muscles and other soft tissues in the body with hands and fingers. In some of the massages elbows, forearms and feet are also used. Massages are not only for relaxation purposes it has got several health benefits as well and is used as a cure to several diseases.


Thai massage is one such massage which provides deep relaxation to the body. It is an ancient healing system that combines Indian ayurvedic principles, acupressure and also assisted yoga postures. Traditionally Thai massages use no lotion or oils and the recipient remains clothed during a treatment. Thai body massages by female professionals are increasingly becoming popular. Such professionals are experts in the field and offer excellent services.

During the massage there is constant body contact between the person who is giving the massage and the recipient. In Thai massages the method that is usually followed involves compressing, pulling, stretching and also rocking different parts of the body so as to provide complete relaxation. Thai body massage by females in jaipur and other parts of the country are a popular way of relaxing your tired body and mind. The recipient of the massage wears comfortable and loose clothes and is made to lie on a firm mattress or a padded mat on the floor or on a bed specially designed for massage purpose.

The massage will be performed solo with just the receiver and the giver. The receiver of the massage will be positioned in yoga-like positions when the massage is taking place. This is combined with deep rhythmic and static pressures. The massage that is done generally follows designated lines i.e. “sen” in the body. In Thai massages the feet and the legs of the giver is used to position the limbs or body of the recipient.

Typically a Thai massage lasts for 60 minutes to two hours. It includes rhythmic stretching and pressing of the entire body and includes pulling toes, fingers, ears, walking on the recipients back, cracking knuckles, moving the recipient’s body in different positions.

Thai massages are known to relax the whole body and not just physical appearance. It also relaxes emotional, mental and spiritual part. The other benefits of Thai massage include improving blood circulation, lightening stress and increasing the flexibility and energy of one’s body amongst others.

Why Pink city is famous for body to body massage

Pink City, aka Jaipur is indeed one of the most beautiful cities in India. It is known for the craft, art, beautiful architecture, colorful artisans, and embroidery. Most of the people visit the city to explore the beautiful angles, mountains, desert, the monuments and everything. While you visit the city for your tour or a trip, it happens that you end up being tired and exhausted and plan to return even before your trip. But what left here? Why not get relieved there only! Yes, it is possible to get the most fun and pleasurable experience while in the Pink City through professional body to body massage.


Our Massage parlous provide comprehensive body to body massage services. These massage services are exclusive to find and come with affordable packages for all sorts of customers. Usually these body massage start up with a bath or body spa. Furthermore they are preceded to a hot oil massage session provided by hands or body, depending upon your preferences. The masseurs from Vaishali Nagar know the art of massaging and that’s why their body massage are associated with complete pleasure and fun experience. These b2b massage services are not provided at all the parlors, but our specialized centers.

When you opt for a Body to body massage by girls then you get to feel tingling and special energy and arousal within your body. This helps to activate your hormones and make you feel active and very much energized. The Female to male massage is often one of the most divine experiences one can have in the city. Why only female to male massage, if you are girl looking for some pleasurable and comfortable fun then they also can go for cross body massage services.

Cross body massage are known to be more effective and result driven than regular massage. Being a tourist attraction, you are sure to find some world class standards of services along with affordable prices. Your security and comfort level is also taken into account while rendering services. Return from your trip completely active, rejuvenated and relieved by getting a massage. If you are unsure of services than you can search for potential services providers online and get free consultation with them in advance to book your time and get along with your queries.

10 real facts to massage in pink city

While there are plenty of articles over the Internet describing unknown and undiscovered facts about the Pink City but very few of us have known and found links between Jaipur and massage therapies. If you get to visit a massage parlor then you will come to know that the city is holding a legacy of providing state of the art massage therapies for years and have also been one of the most favorite pick for tourists. Following the most complex to basic forms of massage sessions, the city offers some facts that you must know about body massage:


  1. A typical Massage Parlor can provide you up to 75 difference common massage modalities offering different results with each of them. This makes it one of the top notched destinations for relaxation.
  2. Stress, being a regular part of daily life prompts the people to go out and take a tour. As per reports, most of the customers receiving full body to body massage or body massage suffer from severe stress and get relieved within 3 to 4 sessions.
  3. During cross body massage, the masseurs gently pull up the ears from top to bottom and the middle to improve the immune system. This also helps to relax the ear muscles that are connected to brain and thus, making your listening skills active.
  4. Full body to body massage provides complete moisturisation of the skin making it soft and supple. It also helps in detoxification and adding glow to your face and body.
  5. It has been recorded that a complete body massage is as same as sleeping for 7 to 8 hours for out body.
  6. Specialized massage therapies including body to body massage improve the flow of lymph to body parts, relieves the aches, pain and other illness symptoms.
  7. A professional massage helps to greatly stimulate the release of endorphins, which is also a body’s natural pain killer and thus, long relief from body stress.
  8. An average massage in the Pink City is more reasonable and affordable then most of the cities in India making it an ideal choice.
  9. One can also have a full body massage while wearing the complete clothes!

Massage parlour in pink city can be performed on table, mat, floor, chair, bed, bench with or without oils, depending on your preferences.

Tips about Body To Body Massage You Can’t Afford To Miss

Giving a body to body massage requires great skills. The massages can be used to de-stress family and friends, to help people with pains and aches and also it can be used to get romantic and intimate with your partner. Giving a great massage is not very difficult. It just requires little knowledge and also a bit of preparation. There are some good spa parlours which provide great relaxing massage in amazing environment.


However, it is to be noted that massage can be a great experience if certain techniques are followed while giving massage. Here are few tips about body to body massage that you can’t afford to miss:

  • Create a relaxed atmosphere

It is essential to create a relaxed atmosphere so that the client can de-stress and have a nice relaxing time. If the client is not comfortable while the massage is going on then the purpose of going for a massage is not served. Few tips that can be followed to ensure a relaxing atmosphere are:

  1. Make sure that the room in which the massage will be carried out is comfortable. There should be a comfortable place to lie down such as a bed, proper massage table, soft rug etc. In case it is s winter time the room should be warm and nice as the person undergoing the massage will be partly dressed. The room where the massage will be conducted should be a private room.
  2. Lighting some candles always adds magic and also there is something very relaxing about candles. Some massage centres and other places even turns off all the lights and does massage with the help of candle lights only. One can even make use of scented candles to contribute to the overall experience.
  3. Playing soothing music can also contribute to the relaxing and calm atmosphere. The client can also be asked about his or her preference. The music should be played softly in the background.
  4. Use massage oil while giving a massage can help your hands glide easily over the skin. There are various options available when it comes to massage oil. The oil can even be warmed before giving the massage for a relaxed experience.
  5. Having lot of clean and fresh towels of all sizes in hand helps as it will be required during massages to clean, cover, wipe out excess oil and several other uses too.
  • Apply the Right technique while massaging

For giving massage it is essential to get the technique right. It is best to start the massage with the feet. Wrapping both hands around the feet and putting pressure with thumb is the best way to massage it. After the feet massage is over, work your way up the leg. Light pressure is to be applied on the legs with both hands. It is best to finish with massaging one leg before you start massaging the other leg.

After the legs are massaged the next target is to massage the back. While massaging back, the movement should be from the lower back to upper back. The palm of each hand should be kept on each side of the spine and the back should be massaged using gentle strokes. After the back, the neck and the shoulder should be massaged.

Next come the hands and the arms. Massage should be done on one hand at a time. After the hands and the arms are done, the massage should be completed by giving a gentle massage on the head.

  • Perfecting the Massage

Massage helps a body to relax. But it will do so only when it is done properly. Some factors which should be kept in mind for giving the perfect massage are:

  1. Do the massage in a relaxed manner and never rush through the massage
  2. It is essential to keep hands in contact with the skin at all times.
  3. Communicate with your partner or your client all throughout the massage to know how they are feeling and if they would like you to work on any specific points or not.
  4. Avoid giving any massage to spine or bones as it may cause more harm than good.

Body to body massage by certified massage girls for mens

Massages are no longer considered a luxury that was done once in a while to give relaxation to tired muscles. In recent times even medical professionals are using it as a part of their treatment in treating various diseases. This is the reason why several massage centres have come up not only in Rajasthan but also in several parts of the country


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With the increase in stress level in everyone’s life, the several benefits that are derived from body massages can’t be undermined. If done at regular intervals it is known to promote not only good physical health but it helps in good mental health too.

There are various types of massages available. Some of it is done with oils and some without oils. However, the main purpose of all the massages is almost same i.e. to give the person deep rest and take out all the toxins that have been building up in the body. When the toxins are removed using massage therapy all the stress is released and the recipient gets new renewed energy.

Though massages are usually done by a therapist using his or her hands, fingers, elbows, feet, in recent times body to body massages are becoming increasingly popular. Many men are opting for body to body massage from female massage therapist for getting rid of stress, anxiety, muscle pain and such other health disorders.

Such female therapists are associated with spas or parlours and are certified personnel’s. They are specialized in various types of massages including body to body massages. They deal with each customer personally. The massage therapist understands the needs of the customers and provides services as per their requirement.

The massages are provided to the recipient in a private room in massage centres specially designed for the purpose. The massages may last between 30 minutes to 90minutes or more as per the requirements of the customers. Usually before starting the therapy, the giver converses with the recipient to understand his expectations and if there is any specific requirements.

The spas or parlours are equipped with latest technology to provide the recipient with the best experience. Once the benefits of such massages are experienced most of the recipient of such massages becomes regular customers. In due course of time they start experiencing good physical and mental health because of the several benefits associated with massages. The recipient should discuss in detail about the massage therapy that is best for him and the intervals at which it should be taken to ensure good health.