Tips about Body To Body Massage You Can’t Afford To Miss

Giving a body to body massage requires great skills. The massages can be used to de-stress family and friends, to help people with pains and aches and also it can be used to get romantic and intimate with your partner. Giving a great massage is not very difficult. It just requires little knowledge and also a bit of preparation. There are some good spa parlours which provide great relaxing massage in amazing environment.


However, it is to be noted that massage can be a great experience if certain techniques are followed while giving massage. Here are few tips about body to body massage that you can’t afford to miss:

  • Create a relaxed atmosphere

It is essential to create a relaxed atmosphere so that the client can de-stress and have a nice relaxing time. If the client is not comfortable while the massage is going on then the purpose of going for a massage is not served. Few tips that can be followed to ensure a relaxing atmosphere are:

  1. Make sure that the room in which the massage will be carried out is comfortable. There should be a comfortable place to lie down such as a bed, proper massage table, soft rug etc. In case it is s winter time the room should be warm and nice as the person undergoing the massage will be partly dressed. The room where the massage will be conducted should be a private room.
  2. Lighting some candles always adds magic and also there is something very relaxing about candles. Some massage centres and other places even turns off all the lights and does massage with the help of candle lights only. One can even make use of scented candles to contribute to the overall experience.
  3. Playing soothing music can also contribute to the relaxing and calm atmosphere. The client can also be asked about his or her preference. The music should be played softly in the background.
  4. Use massage oil while giving a massage can help your hands glide easily over the skin. There are various options available when it comes to massage oil. The oil can even be warmed before giving the massage for a relaxed experience.
  5. Having lot of clean and fresh towels of all sizes in hand helps as it will be required during massages to clean, cover, wipe out excess oil and several other uses too.
  • Apply the Right technique while massaging

For giving massage it is essential to get the technique right. It is best to start the massage with the feet. Wrapping both hands around the feet and putting pressure with thumb is the best way to massage it. After the feet massage is over, work your way up the leg. Light pressure is to be applied on the legs with both hands. It is best to finish with massaging one leg before you start massaging the other leg.

After the legs are massaged the next target is to massage the back. While massaging back, the movement should be from the lower back to upper back. The palm of each hand should be kept on each side of the spine and the back should be massaged using gentle strokes. After the back, the neck and the shoulder should be massaged.

Next come the hands and the arms. Massage should be done on one hand at a time. After the hands and the arms are done, the massage should be completed by giving a gentle massage on the head.

  • Perfecting the Massage

Massage helps a body to relax. But it will do so only when it is done properly. Some factors which should be kept in mind for giving the perfect massage are:

  1. Do the massage in a relaxed manner and never rush through the massage
  2. It is essential to keep hands in contact with the skin at all times.
  3. Communicate with your partner or your client all throughout the massage to know how they are feeling and if they would like you to work on any specific points or not.
  4. Avoid giving any massage to spine or bones as it may cause more harm than good.

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