10 real facts to massage in pink city

While there are plenty of articles over the Internet describing unknown and undiscovered facts about the Pink City but very few of us have known and found links between Jaipur and massage therapies. If you get to visit a massage parlor then you will come to know that the city is holding a legacy of providing state of the art massage therapies for years and have also been one of the most favorite pick for tourists. Following the most complex to basic forms of massage sessions, the city offers some facts that you must know about body massage:


  1. A typical Massage Parlor can provide you up to 75 difference common massage modalities offering different results with each of them. This makes it one of the top notched destinations for relaxation.
  2. Stress, being a regular part of daily life prompts the people to go out and take a tour. As per reports, most of the customers receiving full body to body massage or body massage suffer from severe stress and get relieved within 3 to 4 sessions.
  3. During cross body massage, the masseurs gently pull up the ears from top to bottom and the middle to improve the immune system. This also helps to relax the ear muscles that are connected to brain and thus, making your listening skills active.
  4. Full body to body massage provides complete moisturisation of the skin making it soft and supple. It also helps in detoxification and adding glow to your face and body.
  5. It has been recorded that a complete body massage is as same as sleeping for 7 to 8 hours for out body.
  6. Specialized massage therapies including body to body massage improve the flow of lymph to body parts, relieves the aches, pain and other illness symptoms.
  7. A professional massage helps to greatly stimulate the release of endorphins, which is also a body’s natural pain killer and thus, long relief from body stress.
  8. An average massage in the Pink City is more reasonable and affordable then most of the cities in India making it an ideal choice.
  9. One can also have a full body massage while wearing the complete clothes!

Massage parlour in pink city can be performed on table, mat, floor, chair, bed, bench with or without oils, depending on your preferences.

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