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Massage has been practiced for a long time and the importance and health benefits of massages can’t be undermined. Now a days there are various types of body massages to choose from. Clients can choose the type of massages they would like to go for as per their preference. Massages basically involve rubbing, pressing, manipulating muscles and other soft tissues in the body with hands and fingers. In some of the massages elbows, forearms and feet are also used. Massages are not only for relaxation purposes it has got several health benefits as well and is used as a cure to several diseases.


Thai massage is one such massage which provides deep relaxation to the body. It is an ancient healing system that combines Indian ayurvedic principles, acupressure and also assisted yoga postures. Traditionally Thai massages use no lotion or oils and the recipient remains clothed during a treatment. Thai body massages by female professionals are increasingly becoming popular. Such professionals are experts in the field and offer excellent services.

During the massage there is constant body contact between the person who is giving the massage and the recipient. In Thai massages the method that is usually followed involves compressing, pulling, stretching and also rocking different parts of the body so as to provide complete relaxation. Thai body massage by females in jaipur and other parts of the country are a popular way of relaxing your tired body and mind. The recipient of the massage wears comfortable and loose clothes and is made to lie on a firm mattress or a padded mat on the floor or on a bed specially designed for massage purpose.

The massage will be performed solo with just the receiver and the giver. The receiver of the massage will be positioned in yoga-like positions when the massage is taking place. This is combined with deep rhythmic and static pressures. The massage that is done generally follows designated lines i.e. “sen” in the body. In Thai massages the feet and the legs of the giver is used to position the limbs or body of the recipient.

Typically a Thai massage lasts for 60 minutes to two hours. It includes rhythmic stretching and pressing of the entire body and includes pulling toes, fingers, ears, walking on the recipients back, cracking knuckles, moving the recipient’s body in different positions.

Thai massages are known to relax the whole body and not just physical appearance. It also relaxes emotional, mental and spiritual part. The other benefits of Thai massage include improving blood circulation, lightening stress and increasing the flexibility and energy of one’s body amongst others.

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