Things to Look For In World of Spa

Spa industry has a very long history in India. Probably centuries ago, when first massage was introduced in the form of Ayurvedic massages. But since then, things have changed quite a bit. From getting your body under the herb infused sugars and salts to medicated oils to body massaged by chocolate, things have changed a lot. People started knowing different body massages from all around the world. New equipment introduced in massage and then started incorporation of all the additional massages by looking at their specific benefits on human body. Jaipur is one such city where you will find a list of one such full massages introducing ayurvedic massage to Swedish massage.

But here we are with some of the latest trends to lookout for in the world of body spa. So let us begin our list.


  1. Anti-aging facials

At the beginning anti-aging ideas, face masks were introduced. Then came a tons of creams, lotions and other cosmetic products to keep you younger than ever. Facials were also part of a beauticians menu, but now they have shifted to massage parlours. It is nothing but the advance concept of holding and lifting your skin to keep your skin tight and make you look younger. 

  1. Increasing Foot and Hand Care Than Body Massage

Now, rather than the approach of a full body massage, people are paying more attention to certain body parts. Reason behind that is simple. The most engaged parts of your body in a whole day are feets and hands. You need both of them to be ready everyday for a flawless work. In a study recently, there are a lot of clients who like to have a pedicure after any kind of full massage services. Over that, their significance increases when you get to know that your hands and feets hold a lot of acupressure points which benefit you on several other parts of your body. A minor backache or a minor headache, everything can be healed by the foot and hand massage services.

  1. New kind of Wraps, Scrubs and Massages

25 percent of total body spa services use scrubs whereas 17 percent use wraps. It is nothing strange to see how common body scrubs and wraps are when they actually make your body a lot smoother than before. Why are these becoming too popular now. Here is an example. When you visit, you will figure out how therapists try to keep everything fresh. They use freshly grounded carrots for your face with fresh cucumbers and a lot of warm milk with honey just to please your body. Then came the scrubs and wraps, holding the benefits of so many organic things to make your skin soft and smooth.

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