Treating a Frozen Shoulder with Massage

Shoulder pain never lets you enjoy your life in any perspective. Not only that, it also restricts your range of motion (ROM). Some people lose the ability to raise their arm with this problem. It is called frozen shoulder in medical language and you can get to know if your shoulder pain is a frozen shoulder through a simple MRI scan. There are hardly any improvements through medicines or anything else when you get restricted ROM. Doctors suggest you to see physiotherapists who further give two three regular workout routines.

Frozen Shoulder with Massage

And people have very less or no improvements in their ROM at all through the medical treatments,  after a frozen shoulder. However, a soothing full body massage in Jaipur on the other hand, can bring you relief from it very effectively.

Treated by Medical Massage 

While performing a treatment for frozen shoulder a massage therapist has to be familiar with medical massage. Considering every point where the pain is and every point where’s no pain at all in the shoulder, a proper amount of pressure is set for each point. Mostly therapists blindly follow the pain and try to kill it. In a frozen shoulder, the real problem is not pain, it is the first trigger. You can reduce pain from whole shoulder but if you never reached the initial trigger, the shoulder will become as much bad again.

Medical massage is very different from usual massages. It is performed by experts and with proper implementation, frozen shoulder can be easily cured. Here are some techniques which help in frozen shoulder.

Trigger Point Therapy 

A steady pressure for targeted points is applied in this type. It is helpful in curing the initial trigger of pain.

Deep tissue Massage 

This is the most common massage while treating a frozen shoulder. Shiatsu is an ancient japanese technique for deep tissue cures. Frozen shoulders are very well cured by Shiatsu.

Swedish Massage on Shoulder 

Every massage has something special in it, and so do the world’s most popular massage. The long strokes on the surface muscle tissues of shoulder reduce the muscle tension.

Heat Therapy

One very unique and very rarely known massage for frozen shoulder is heat therapy. Heat therapy is actually a process that can be applied pre massage or post massage. It effectively decreases pain and relax the muscles. This process includes putting mild heat to painful shoulder muscles. It is preferred multiple times a day for better results.

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